Monday, August 14, 2017

Benefits of warehouse control software and services

How Warehouse Management Software Will Benefit You

If you’re involved in product distribution, you already know that complex warehouse operations must adapt quickly and easily to change. Your company is constantly innovating—and as your business model rapidly changes, the expectations for your warehouses change, too.
Whether your customers are conserving operating cash in a constrained credit market, or your business decides to ship products with the longest remaining shelf-life to the best customers, you need warehouse management software that will quickly respond. What’s more, you’re probably learning that your warehouse systems are increasingly expected to perform more and more functions including assembly, manufacturing, and repair. These capabilities are part of extended value chain processes that include transportation management, procurement, manufacturing, order management, spare parts and repair operations, asset management, and maintenance.

What to Look for in Warehouse Management Software

A complete solution for managing warehouse operations is one that can maintain a single warehouse or provide a central point of control that spans across multiple, varying facilities. Warehouse management software should leverage the operational benefits of today’s service-oriented architecture (SOA), benefits from strong integration capabilities, and should easily integrate with your existing infrastructure and material handling equipment, as well as support new technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID).
Ideally, the goal is to bring operational discipline to complex warehouse operations by providing a planning layer, a real-time execution layer, and an operational monitoring tool to ensure optimal utilization of resources. When selecting the right warehouse management software, you should consider both leading WMS solutions with superior abilities to support a dynamic market environment with a multitude of warehouse flows, as well as a range of integrated extensions that makes the warehouse operation a multi-functioning and transparent bridge in the supply chain.
The payoff that comes from making the right warehouse management software choice is huge. Customers using the most advanced warehouse management software experienced increased utilization of warehouse space, reduction of obsolete products, improved delivery reliability, and increased warehouse turns. While choosing warehouse management software that’s right for your operations depends on your unique requirements, there are some desired features that should be high on your must-have list.

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