Wednesday, November 9, 2016

3 PL what is it and how can it effect you?

One important fact of 3pl:  How to help customers reduce their shipping spend. Given the rise in e-commerce, increase in omni-channel & small-parcel shipments, and carrier GRI increases, it’s easy to see that spend is top of mind for most 3PL customers. However, determining where costs can be saved is still a daunting task because of the complex shipping profiles of most customers. To address this issue, more time and investment is shifting toward leveraging business intelligence and supply chain analytics. This technology allows 3PLs to more deeply understand customers (and their customers’ customers) trends and to uncover new opportunities for savings, especially given the mountains of shipping data.

Kuecker Logistics Grooup:
  • Our experts are engaged from the beginning of your project and are focused completely on achieving your end goal in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Turn-key automated material handling solutions create ease of planning.
  • Innovation and use of virtual tools guide the design, function and construction decisions
  • Our customer-focused approach includes you in every step of the decision making process.
  • We create complete operating and cost control considerations focused on your goals, supply chain management needs, and bottom line.
  • From concept to the operating facility, safety and quality are built into every step of the process.
Our Integral approach provides collaborative support to ensure measurable outcomes.
Organized flexibility helps you select the right solution.

Our team creates solutions through our subject matter experts to provide the best system. We employ a process starting with an Engineering Study and culminating with an Internal Rate of Return Analysis (IRR). Serving as your trusted advisors, we ask the tough questions and provide data, insights and a timetable for your project. Our unwavering commitment to empowering informed business decisions relies on facts and numbers to create increased efficiency without sacrificing functionality.

The Kuecker solution can help your company make more profits!